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employee engagement benefits enrollment handbook writing design production project management

When GE Appliances was acquired by Haier, employees were understandably uneasy about what would change under the new owner. The tone set by the company’s internal communications needed to establish a foundation for the culture of the new business. Effective communication of the internal brand was critical to building and maintaining employee loyalty during and after the transition.

The new GEA benefits program would be an opportunity to make a great first impression, as it would be among the earliest and most carefully read communications distributed to employees.

Before we visualized the look and feel of the new benefits communications, we helped the company define its new internal brand. Through a series of brand personality exercises, we discovered certain characteristics that set the new company apart from the previous owner.

Starting with words, we created a new positioning platform for internal HR communications. With the positioning line of “Make it yours” the company conveyed that it values individuals and offers each one choices and flexibility to create a personalized package of benefits. The line also was empowering, as it expresses that future company success is in the hands of the employees themselves.

We built a visual identity to focus on one key element – the people who make the company great. The WordsFresh system of HR/benefits materials featured photography of actual employees at work and home to encourage a deeper personal connection.


The new HR internal communications helped employees understand their new pay and benefits offerings. More importantly, they portrayed the new organization as a family of many different individuals who collectively would be the heart of the new company. These internal communications created positive energy at a time of critical change.