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Brand Voice: Much Ado About (Sometimes) Very Little

However you choose to define it, the voice you employ should be engaging and authentic. Often brand voice is nothing more than your natural way of communicating your product or service—an approach with real merit in a marketing environment where authenticity rules the day.

5 Simple Ways to Make Any Topic Interesting

No matter your topic, you can leverage your content to communicate what makes your business, product or service exciting and relevant. Use the five strategies outlined below to make sure readers will not only enjoy your content, but will come back for more—and share it with others.

The Millennial Tightrope

As an employer, you may have had a negative experience employing a millennial in the past. You may even have a millennial child, niece, or nephew whom you roll your eyes at, and whose behavior discourages you from hiring us. You have reasons to be guarded; we often question authority, or feel that we are suited for leadership. We learn systems and technology at a speed that surpasses the technology itself, and we have high standards for it.

Why Your Organization Needs an Editorial Style Guide and How to Get One

Is your meeting at two-thirty in the afternoon, 2:30 p.m. or 2:30 PM? Are you writing an email or an e-mail? Do you use a serial comma, or not? How do you know what to capitalize? How do you number and identify the figures and tables in your report? Should you use a hyphen, an en dash or an em dash? Are these questions a bit overwhelming?

Down to a Science: How a Copywriter Can Grasp and Write About Your Complex Topic

From small businesses to large corporations, everyone has information to share. Regardless of how it’s distributed, to be effective, it needs to be well-communicated—captivating, accurate and articulate. Copywriters help businesses and organizations achieve this. Sometimes all it takes is one great line that packs a punch. Other times, the audience needs more explanation and detail. That’s where I come in.

Social media is the life of the party

When you hire someone inexperienced, they learn to answer those questions by using your business as a guinea pig. Because they don’t understand the marketing side of social media, it’s a huge risk for very little potential reward.

Branding, We Hardly Knew Ye

Branding, right there next to bacon. I love bacon, to be sure, when it's produced with quality and pride, but bacon got out of control. I don't love branding, per se, but I think it can (and should) be done well. I daresay that it, too, got out of control. At some point, branding, branding, branding was suddenly everywhere, like bacon, in copious quantity––quality be damned.

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