Meet Rebecca
Writer and Project Manager

Rebecca is an experienced project manager who is adept at staying on top of deadlines, deliverables and costs to move projects forward efficiently and cost-effectively. But that’s just the beginning. Rebecca combines strategy with creative messaging for captivating and effective copy. Scriptwriting for video and conducting on-camera interviews are among her specialties. She has several years’ agency experience, including a background in producing websites, producing videos and managing communication campaigns.

She earned a BA in Digital Cinema with a concentration in Screenwriting from DePaul University.

Meet Our Extended Family.

Unlike some families that will go unnamed (Hi, Mom), there are no weird cousins or dotty aunts in the WordsFresh family tree. There are only communication pros with pedigrees who have proven themselves through a progression of WordsFresh projects and participate in ongoing development. Many have tried. But only these select writers have met our high standards – and wowed us along the way. We are proud they have given us permission to count them as part of our extended family of professional writers and editors.

Meet Deb

Deb knows PR writing. Whether it’s a single press release or a full-length magazine article with a dozen sources, she knows how to make our client’s light shine bright. And isn’t that the whole point? Deb is an author, award-winning writer and regular contributor to numerous publications. Perhaps most impressive is the fact she has found a way to weave all her loves — communications, travel, history and all things Kentucky – into a career that benefits so many clients.

Meet Tiffany

The best writers deserve the best copyeditor. Tiffany picks over the details and polishes WordsFresh copy until it shines. When clients come to us with documents needing insightful editing, she’s our go-to resource. Her experience has ranged from editing healthcare stories, to crafting business handbooks, to editing IT articles, to developing book manuscripts, to proofreading theological and general-interest books. There is no grammar question that will stump Tiffany. But it’s fun to try.

Meet Tim

Tim is one of those rare technical writers who also brings creative ability to the table. He can write instructions for a traditional manual. Or turn those instructions into an entertaining multimedia learning experience. His recent experience includes writing user guides for the new Girl Scout Cookie online order-tracking system, eLearning modules for Churchill Downs and interactive recipe cards for a KFC concept restaurant.

Meet Arika

With so many companies and products in the marketplace, sometimes only a created language will lead us to a company or product name that works. For particularly challenging naming projects, we call in the woman who literally wrote the book on invented languages. The author of “In the Land of Invented Languages,” Arika earned a joint Ph.D. in the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Psychology’s Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Program at the University of Chicago. But what impressed us, you ask? She has earned her first-level certification in Klingon.