The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a beloved annual tradition that teaches girls skills that last a lifetime and generates over $800 million in annual revenue.

That’s more sales than Oreo. That’s more sales than Chips Ahoy and Milano cookies combined.

Every Girl Scout Cookie Season is a new marketing campaign.

WordsFresh writers co-lead with designers and other creatives in the execution of print and digital strategies.

WordsFresh is Little Brownie’s resource for ongoing corporate communications.

• customer relations
• trade booth messaging
• crisis communications


2-3% annual revenue growth over the previous five years – a period in which Girl Scout ​membership declined ​

1/3 ​of cookie volunteers ​now use the Little ​Brownie mobile app to run the sale, streamlining operations and driving volunteer retention

4th ​bestselling​ gluten-free cookie in ​the country, although it’s available just a few ​months a year ​

Nearly 500,000 followers on the​ Samoas Facebook page ​

2nd ​bestselling ​Girl Scout Cookie is Samoas, a Little Brownie brand ​(No. 1 Thin Mints is a Girl Scout-owned brand) ​

Most successful ​launch of a new ​Girl Scout Cookie ever ​ ​