From original concept to tactical execution, WordsFresh copy is rooted in marketing strategy. We can write a single case study. Or an entire website. Or we can be the caretaker of your messaging across all materials that speak to your customers and prospects.

  • Websites and microsites
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Capability brochures
  • Promotions
  • Newsletters

  • Advertising
  • Video interviews and scriptwriting
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers
  • HR materials

Names, taglines and brand message positioning

We uncover the unique qualities that make your brand stand out in the marketplace. We pinpoint the messages that make a difference to your audience. We then help you communicate those key messages in a way that reflects your organization’s individuality.

Bringing the team to consensus on a branding initiative is equal parts science and art. We have a proven, step-by-step method that ensures all stakeholders are heard. WordsFresh gives you an objective way to arrive at brand messages that fit in a clearly defined market position.

To build the foundation of a new brand — or refresh an existing brand – WordsFresh combines the science of marketing strategy with the art of great writing.

Video & Multimedia

A picture may be worth a thousand words. But what exactly do you want to say? Outstanding video or multimedia presentation starts with an outstanding script.

Some of our best writing is never read. It’s seen and heard. With new, cost-efficient video technology and the exploding use of online videos, we’re writing more videos and multimedia scripts than ever.
For on-camera interviews, we design questions and conduct interviews so the subject’s answers tell a story.

  • Scripts
  • How-to content
  • Interviewers