How do you work?

That’s a hard question because every client has different needs and circumstances. But most often, we work directly with a communications professional in the client company. We ask questions until we’re crystal clear on goals and ask more questions until we understand the business. We’ll interview company experts as needed. We plug in seamlessly to internal and external communication teams. Our value to the team increases over time as we learn more and more about the business and its unique sensitivities and challenges.

Rest assured, we’ll work however you work. And whatever your situation, we can improve the results of your communications through message strategy and great writing.

What’s an average size project for you?

As you might imagine, the size, type and level of complexity of our projects vary widely. Our costs are based on how much time we estimate a project will take. Generally speaking, individual marketing projects average $2,000-5,000 – but we often have projects above and below that level. Long-form technical projects average $5,000-10,000. Some clients retain us on a monthly basis if they have many ongoing needs.

Could I try you out with a small project?

We’d love that. Maybe you have a case study that needs written or a letter from your CEO that is keeping you awake at night. We expect to earn your business and would be honored to begin with a project as small as $500.

Can you work with our in-house marketing department?

Yes! Marketing pros love having writers they trust who know their business. You’ll find we can plug seamlessly into your current team, bring new ideas and greatly expand your overall capabilities. In-house graphic designers especially love having strong, well-organized copy to work with.

What if I have an existing marketing or design agency?

We play extremely well with others. Many of our best clients use us for writing and use other agencies for graphic design, PR services or technology support. Some even have a national full-service ad agency but use us for special needs or quicker, local help.

What if I need to build a whole communications team?

We can help you build a strong, responsive team, tailored exactly to fit your needs. We have relationships with select partners in complementary fields — ranging from graphic design to web development to video production. With these proven partners, we can assemble an A-level team to lead and execute virtually any project.

We’re a large company with a complex purchasing process. Can your small business really serve us?

Absolutely. We are proud to serve several Fortune 500 companies. We understand corporate practices and have the requisite business insurance coverage. And we have business systems in place that allow us to work with any purchasing process or technology.

Many large companies have business goals for contracting with woman- and minority-owned businesses. Your purchasing department may be interested to know WordsFresh is a certified woman-owned business.

We’re a small business. Will you be a fit for us?

Let’s find out! Our social media services are very cost effective for small and medium-sized businesses. Our approach to organizing and writing websites may actually save you money in the end. On the other hand, our thorough and strategic approach to developing brand messaging may not be what your company needs if you’re in an early stage of development.

As a small business ourselves, we really want to see you succeed and we’re happy to discuss your needs. If we think you should invest your marketing dollars elsewhere, we’ll make a recommendation.

What’s the difference between working with a freelance writer and working with a copywriting agency like WordsFresh?

We occasionally work with freelancers and really appreciate the rare good ones we have found. But WordsFresh is definitely different.

Our team of writers has been vetted, proven and trained in the WordsFresh ways. Our writers are much more than order takers. We are highly collaborative, think strategically about the work and will offer creative ideas along the way. We are manic about client service and take great pride in our ability to hit deadlines with precision. Committed to ongoing professional development, we are always getting better and learning new ways to help clients.

With WordsFresh, there is peace of mind knowing there is accountability and backup. Plus, a team means more ideas and a bench who can help in a pinch. If someone goes on vacation or you have a sudden or very large need, our entire team can jump into action.

Having more hands on deck helps us serve clients more thoroughly and efficiently on a day-to-day basis. In addition to providing high-quality copy, we strive to deliver a high level of client happiness.

We loved the work you did as a subcontractor to our agency. Can we just hire you directly?

We are so grateful to have select partners in related fields and agencies who bring us business opportunities. In order to keep these relationships strong, we don’t contract directly with their clients. We apologize for any inconvenience but are confident this serves the long-term interests of clients.

How did you get your name?

Like many of our clients, our name has a story that reflects our history. When Mary Pat Nimon started the business in 1995, she was told no one could make an actual living in the writing industry. With just 26 letters in her toolbox, she knew she’d need a lot of creativity, business sense and work ethic to prove them wrong. On her business cards she used a single line to reflect her personal attitude of daily hard work and commitment to excellence: Words Picked Fresh Daily.

Clients loved the line. But as the business grew and new team members joined, the line was too long to function as a good name. We shortened the line to WordsFresh but kept the heart of our original identity. Now you know!