Craft a compelling video, word-nerd style

Research shows that videos have higher engagement, more hits and increased conversions than other kinds of content. In fact, 82% of B2B marketers reported success with video marketing initiatives.

But that doesn’t mean any video will do. Throw out the stale, cookie-cutter brand videos. We’ll let you in on our “word nerd” process to concept a video that’s engaging, on-message and on-budget.

1. Scope it out – Determine budget and length.

2. Know the context – Review the visual assets available, brand guidelines, background, insights, taglines and brand elements.

3. Sum it up – Write a brief that answers the following:

  • SITUATION: What’s the context and business objective?
  • WHO: Who’s your audience?
  • WHAT: What do you want to say? Focus on a central message. In other words, if the audience were to walk away remembering only one point about the video, what would it be?
  • WHY: What’s the purpose? What do you want the audience to do, think and feel as a result of having watched the video?
  • WHERE: Where will audiences interact with the video? How will the video be presented in its final form?
  • TONE: What is the appropriate tone for the audience, message and venue?

4. Brainstorm with the team – Share the creative brief and context from step 2 with the larger video team. Invite input and ideas.

5. Choose your style – Determine a video style. What style(s) best capture what you want to say in a compelling way? Consider budget and strategy.

Styles include:

  • interview/testimonial
  • tutorial/explainer
  • voice over
  • animation
  • cinemagraphic
  • documentary
  • narrative/storytelling

6. Benchmark – Research visual styles, videos and music. What have others done well and what do you want to do differently? Create an inspiration board.

7. Create a theme – Express the message in a creative way that lends itself to visuals. A theme makes the video different from your benchmarks and unique to the client. Consider visual or auditory elements that could tie the piece together and reinforce the main message.

8. Consult the team – Discuss your ideas with the larger video team. Ask for additional ideas as well as visuals and storyboards, as needed.

9. Write and present a concept – Write a creative treatment describing the strategy, style, tone, theme and visuals. Include visuals or storyboards created by the team and relevant benchmark content. Present one or more concepts to the client or stakeholders.

10. Write the script and execute

The secret to a fresh video concept is in the strategic work you do ahead of time. It may not sound sexy, but it’s what we do daily at WordsFresh. Ready to unleash the power of the word nerd on your next video project? Contact WordsFresh today.

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